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Many factors lead to contaminated water. Combat water problems
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Welcome to Atlantic Water Treatment Technologies

One of the purposes of this site is to provide you with information and services concerning water issues you might encounter in your home or facility. Click on items in our menu and please feel free to contact us so that our technicians might personally help you with any information you may require.

Atlantic Water Treatment Technologies is wholly owned in Cape Breton. We cover the Canadian Atlantic Provinces, specifically the Eastern part of Nova Scotia. However, with the use of this website, we do not adhere to boundaries. We can help you, regardless of where you reside.

Our mandate is to provide water treatment services and products industrially, commercially, and, of course, to homeowners.

Water treatment is a very broad and "in depth" technology. Each case is unique and the treatment applied should also be unique. Your home and facility represents a substantial investment, therefore protecting this investment is a very important responsibility. Some of our water treatment services include:

Applying an inadequate or wrong treatment can be costly and time consuming regardless of how little you pay.

Atlantic Water Treatment Technologies is challenged constantly in making sure that the right product and service is applied to each specific water profile.

It is because of this that treatment is designed, custom built, and applied personally by our knowledgeable technical team. If the application has limitations, we will be sure that you are aware.